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Clear Coat


Help protect any paint or anodizing already done to your firearm with our clear coat service. The coating is a clear epoxy baes coating that hardens protecting what's under it.

Sight or Optic Install


We will install sights on a handgun or rifle and bore sight them in at 25 yards

AR15 Gas System Tuning


We will fine tune the gas system on your AR-15 to get that perfect balance between reliable ejection and reduced wear on parts. This service only include replace parts for the gas tube and buffer weight.

AR-15 Build List


Weather you are a first time AR-15 owner or a pro deciding on the parts for your rifle can be a task in itself. We can put together a build sheet for you taking into account your price range and use case for the rifle provide you a itemized prices and link of where to buy the parts from. You can then decide to buy the parts yourself and build it or you can have use build it for you. 

Painting Service


Customize the look of your firearms with our painting service. From a new 2 tone look to a cool new cameo we can paint your firearm to give it your own personal look. We use an epoxy based coating that hardens to create a strong shell. Our painting service starts at 100 but will increase based on complexity.

AR15 Barrel Install


Install a barrel on an upper receiver that doesn't have a barrel on it.

Firearms Deep Clean


We disassemble the firearm remove all grease oil and carbon buildup. Run the small parts though a sonic parts cleaner to be sure all debris is gone.

Custom Built AR

15% of Total Parts

We can build you a custom AR, Glock, Sig p320 or p365. We will install all parts be sure the fit and function is correct based on a build sheet we work with you on. Due to various build complexity we charge a flat of $100 and 10% of the total part cost in addition 25% of the total quoted amount is due upfront as a non-refundable deposit. 

Firearms Transfer


Transfer ownership of a non NFA firearm by having it shipped to us. This includes the needed background check

Lazer Engraving


We can lazer engrave your firearm, Prices start at $35 but will change based on the complexity.

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