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Let us build your AR

Building an AR can be cumbersome for a new builder between being sure that all the parts you selected are going to work with echother being sure you have all the right tools and troubleshooting any issues you have after its assembled. Let use do all of that for you. With our AR building service we build your rifle to your specifiations and use case. We work with you to put together a parts lists and give you a quote talored to your budget. 

Whats included 

With each build, you get the following 

  • 90-day limited warranty 

  • A case for your rifle 

  • 1 state-compliant mag 

  • 1 discounted NCReady Customs foregrip of your choice 

  • 1 bottle of our firearms lube "The Sause" 

  • 2 of our practice rounds

  • Gas tuning service 

  • sighting in in service (with the purchase of an optic)

How it works 



Book an online or in-person appointment with us for your consultation. During the consolation we will go over your budget and what the use case for your rifle is. Then put together a list of parts. With a quote for you to approve.


Paperwork is the most boring part of the process but it is required. We will sign your 90-day warranty and statement of work. At this point a non-refundable 25% down payment is due. We collect 25% upfront to help cover the cost needed when building your rifle. This downpayment is taken out for your final bill.

Flexible Payment Planning
Shooting Practice


Now we can start your rifle, Depending on the demand for parts it takes about 2 to 3 weeks for us to complete your build. Along the way, we will keep you up to date on the progress via text or email. Once completed we will test-fire the rifle and be sure that it is safe to use and works optimally. 


Once we know everything is good with your rifle we will ship it to another FFL or let you know it's ready for pick up. At this point the rest of the payment is due. 

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